Whilst the wonderful world of travel is still in move, we are inviting you to escape to a place that feels like a haven itself; where your intimate moments are sheltered, your warm days and nights are tranquil, and your gaze is lost over the aglow Aegean Sea and the stunning sunset of Santorini. The magic of travel isn’t just the trip – it’s dreaming about it, anticipating it, remembering it. We prepared for you bespoke suggestions and simple ideas to bring to you a taste 

of Santorini making our island your own island as well. From chill-out sounds to sunset-inspired cocktails and from DIY face spa rituals to easy-to-make recipes, follow us to escape your everyday life. Unlock a rich palette of travel colors, inspiring you to paint your perfect getaway. We are still travelling, we are always dreaming, we are moving forwards, we hope you will enjoy the spark of escapism we created just for you wherever you are.

SOUNDS THAT TRANSFER YOUR MIND AND SOUL Chill-out sounds to create your own sunset stories while at home


TWO SUNSET-INSPIRED COCKTAILS TRAVEL YOU TO SANTORINI Our mixologists bring you a step closer to summer tastes and aromas with these two cocktails


YOUR SANTORINI POSTCARD: OUR FAVORITE BLUES Santorini’s five emblematic beaches


YOUR SANTORINI POSTCARD: A SUNSET TO REMEMBER Watching the otherworldly sunset of Santorini from these five spots


YOUR EVENING LUXURY SPA FACE RITUAL A four-step evening ritual to add Greek purity into your beauty routine by our Anassa Spa Specialists


AN ALL-TIME FAVORITE GREEK SNACK RECIPE WITH A TWIST The Greek souvlaki we all love in an easy-to-make recipe at home


YOUR DIY LUXURY BATH SOAK Immerse yourself in a seven-steps bath ritual to relax your body and purify your Aura by our Anassa Spa Specialists


OUR CHEF RECCOMMENDS: A GREEK SUMMER DINNER FULL OF AROMAS AND FLAVORS Our Executive Chef guides you to “A la Polita” recipe, a favorite Greek course of Alios Ilios Restaurant