Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa



Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa as a member of Metaxa Hospitality Group enforces a policy that combats discrimination while promoting equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity at work, in order to ensure a work environment without exclusion, thus cultivating a culture that respects and capitalises on diversity.

In addition, the hotel is dedicated to maintaining a healthy violence- and harassment-free work environment for all employees, by developing an anti-violence and anti-harassment policy that directly and effectively deals with such incidents. In this context, training programmes are carried out for all employees during their initial training.


Our people are the key players in providing the best authentic Greek hospitality services. We aim to create the conditions that ensure a healthy and stable work environment, thus establishing our Group as a highly preferred employer in the tourism industry for existing and future employees.

To this end, the Group steadily invests in the following voluntary benefits:

  • Wedding allowance
  • Child allowance
  • Accommodation at staff houses
  • Meals at staff restaurant
  • Ticket to/from Santorini at the start and end of the tourist season
  • Transport to/from the hotel during the tourist season
  • Establishment of “Employee of the Month”
  • Establishment of “Employee of the Year”
  • Provision of uniform and linen service
  • Health protection
    • Free online informative discussions with health experts, for the provision of scientific and detailed information
    • 2 weekly health checks for employees who did not have a valid vaccination certificate, covering the costs for those who had at least one dose of the vaccine
    • €200 incentive reward
  • Discount for employees’ friends/ relatives who stay at the Group’s hotels
  • Free access to training sessions
  • Employee blood bank
  • Participation in the Group’s competitions and actions
    • “Love is everywhere” music competition, which is influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Colleague-themed mandinada (Cretan folk song) competition, with cash prizes for the first three winners


We contribute directly to local communities by attracting employees from the local communities in which we operate, through equitable hiring procedures.