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The island, with its vividly volcanic nature took its current form some 3,700 years ago. It transformed following a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that tore the main body of Thera away, leaving the iconic Caldera as you see it now, looking like it’s floating like a crescent of steep cliffs on the glittering Aegean sea. You can check out the caldera’s bluff hills from the deck of a yacht or a catamaran, or even walk or swim around it; note the multi-coloured rock types with rainbow effects on their cliffs.

Amongst Santorini’s must-see beaches is the Red Beach, with its backdrop of bright red rock cliffs that slope into the sea; its ochre, copper and chestnut-coloured sand and greenish-blue water is both intriguing and beautiful. Another spectacular place to swim is the White Beach, which has steep slanted cliffs that offer a jaw-dropping setting.

Also famous are the island’s black or dark gray volcanic sand and pebble beaches. Nea Kameni — the heart of the island’s natural history – also calls for a visit, most impressive because of its geothermal pools and views of Santorini’s cliffs at sea level.


There are exquisite all around the island to suit every kind of taste: from quiet beaches with mesmerizing blue waters well away from the crowds; organized beaches with watersports or lively bars and restaurants, and those where you can go to swim as well as party into the early hours; shallow-water beaches perfect for families; aesthetically stunning beaches that enchant you with their red, chocolate, black, gray or white colors and volcanic rock formations. No matter what your preference is, easily plan a quick ride to the coastline to enjoy relaxing by the ozone-rich, lapping waves.