Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa


What makes it all worthwhile for us at Santo Pure Oia Suites & Villas is to see you with a smile on your face. A smile that comes from feeling truly cared for, blissfully comfortable, and completely reassured that we can - and are - easily offering you all that you desire

A smile from the beautiful surprise that many of your needs are seen without you even having to state them. It’s in our culture to provide you with only the best, which is why these are the key factors that define our philosophy in action:


At the core of our philosophy there is a fundamental element that Greece is famed for: authentic Philoxenia, which translates to loving hospitality. Everything we do and the way we function comes from the heart and our sincere intent to give to you all we can to make your stay exceptional.


The entire concept breathing life into the success of our hotel, its stakeholders, suppliers and every strata of our team is based on our shared ethos - a deeply-rooted sense of integrity, virtue, honour and respect toward our guests and everyone whom we engage with. 


Everything is done with soul, creativity and love. We take personal pleasure from what we do every day; in Greek, we describe that as “meraki”. You will feel it for yourself from our stylishly soothing decor and our pampering services to every mouthful from our menus and every kind word from our team. Every day, our goal is to make you feel completely at home and safe to be yourself.


We are constantly seeking out new ways to enhance your experience. Your needs change with time, and so do we - so we never stop looking at how to best incorporate innovation combined with the changing desires of our guests, whilst remaining committed to the highest quality on all levels and make sure every detail is seen to.


Even though we are an island unto itself, all areas of how our hotel functions is deeply, actively and positively inter-connected with every aspect of Santorini’s community - from the promotion of the local gastronomy and culture to our cooperation with cultural institutions, sports or nature organizations and small producers, all of whom we actively promote, encourage, fund and support. We also encourage knowledge of the island’s history, culture and community in all our guests.


We operate with a consciousness that respectfully upholds, attentively cares for and efficiently strives to improve humanitarian, ecological, historical and cultural aspects of Santorini. We are a living example of how such priorities can successfully and effectively be put into practice via our daily environmentally-friendly actions and community-based initiatives.