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Santorini is home to many museums, which showcase the island’s history and culture throughout the ages. The one that comes first in the list of the local museums is the Archaeological Museum in Fira, which provides a great collection of findings which offer a throwback to the flourishing periods of Santorini. The main exhibits are sculptures, statues and inscriptions from the Archaic to Roman times and pottery from Geometric era. The second most important place to visit in Santorini is the Prehistoric Thera Museum which is home to masterpieces of art from the prehistoric period. In Fira, there is also a private Folklore Museum with interesting traditional costumes and other folk items, including items connected to a traditional wedding. Outside the village in Oia is the Naval museum which displays a nice collection of maritime items and rare documents. The beautiful Megaron Gyzi lies in the Catholic neighborhood in Fira and showcases some fascinating engraving from 16th to 19th century. In Messaria there is a nice wine museum providing an insight to the wine traditions of Santorini. If you are interested in the musical tradition in the ancient years you shall visit the Museum of Musical Instruments in Oia.

To discover this astonishing island, contact our Guest Experience Specialists to arrange a tour to the cultural spots of your preference.